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Personal inscriptions and doodles in old books

Old books from the 1800s are delightful to read, but they often contain a surprise--curious inscriptions, names of people long passed or cryptic doodles. Here is a selection of what you may find when you start leafing through the long forgotten pages on the 19th century bookshelf.

By MollyCrilly (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

The Geological Origins of Skellig Michael
Island Refuge of Early Christians and the Last Jedi

My first thought when I saw a photo of Skellig Michael was how in the world did this craggy pyramid of an island come to be there just eight miles from the Irish coast and how long ago was it formed? If you have seen the movie, The Last Jedi, you know how strikingly beautiful is the rocky island of Ahch-To with its jagged, layered grey rocks and emerald verdure. And you probably also know that the scenes were shot on the small island of Skellig Michael, a scant eight miles off the southwest coast of Ireland. But, how did this craggy eruption from the sea and its sister island, Little Skellig, come to be here?

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