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Let us improve your scientific writing so that it hits the mark every time.

On the Mark Editing Services is an online company that employs PhD scientists with proven skills in successful editing and writing of papers for peer-reviewed journals, grant proposals and scientific reports. Everyone's work can benefit from professional editing. A clear, logical and readable document can do a lot to promote your goals.

Do you have a paper waiting to be resubmitted to a journal because the writing needs help? Was your grant proposal turned down because the reviewer did not understand the concepts? Are you tired of looking at your dissertation and just want someone to proofread it for you? We can help! We understand the science behind the writing and this allows us to make corrections that a nonscientist could not. If there is a question on the content or format, we will call your attention to it with a comment.

Basic service includes correcting spelling, grammar, tense and word choice. Advanced editing includes basic service plus reworking sentence and paragraph structure for smoothness and logical flow while maintaining your content exactly as you intended it. All editing is done using the Track Changes option in MS Word so you will be able to easily compare the edited to the original copy. Helpful comments and questions are included along with the edited text.

If you send a page from an unedited document, we will edit and return it to you at no cost as a sample. Our service is exceptional because it combines solid scientific knowledge of medicine, biology and chemistry with the ability to turn ideas and concepts into clear language.

Turnaround time is typically 3-7 business days, but depends on the size and complexity of the job. Rush requests will be considered. All information in your documents is held in the strictest confidence.
Hello. I am Dr Bentley, president of OTM Editing. It is my sincere wish to provide you with the highest quality service.

We are scientists and understand how important precise communication is when submitting a manuscript for peer review or a grant application to NIH.

If a reviewer has trouble understanding your hypothesis or your proposal then your chances of success are drastically reduced.

We promise to give your documents the same close care and scrutiny that we would for our own.

For a free sample of our editing service, please send a page of unedited text to us at this email address. We will return it to you with the recommended improvements and suggestions at no cost to you.

Then if you want to have us complete the editing of the entire document, there will still be no charge for the sample page.